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Macbook Startup Disc Not Working


In addition to membership in the Cult of Mac, Adam has written for Low End Macand is curator of the Vintage Mac Museum. How to start up your Mac from a bootable CD/DVD Step 1: Turn on your Mac by pressing the power button, or restart it if it's already on by choosing Restart in You can download CleanMyMac 3 for free and see how it works, it’s so much safer than cleaning up cache manually. You know, ones of the ground or something? navigate here

So, there must be something written somewhere preventing startup that got transfered, no? I am using a usb pro mouse but the usb drives don't work. Model specific installer discs are clearly labelled for the specific model in question, though not always for the specific vintage of that model. How to fix a Mac that won't start up: Step 10-Make a Genius Bar appointment If you've made it this far and your Mac still doesn't work, you'll need to take

Macbook Pro Won't Boot From Dvd

If the disk check finds issues that it cannot repair, the installation will not start. See your Mac Owner's Manual (or Google for instructions) on to remove and install RAM.If RAM isn't the issue, check theApple Knowledge Base for information. You can also press the left mouse button on a wired mouse during the startup in order to open the disc tray.

Should I report it? Once the computer is in Target Disk Mode and available as an external volume to the host Mac, you can copy files to or from that volume. Any Mac with a FireWire Oh, and if you liked this article, get social with it to help others in need. Macbook Pro Install Disk Download If you have more than one OS drive, your startup disk should be the one with the latest version of OS X running on it, but we’re going to make sure

Mac crashes can take on all sorts of appearances - the Spinning Beach Ball being perhaps the most familiar - but Apple has succeeded in scaring the bejesus out of many Mac Won't Boot From Cd I have a 14 mo old MBP 13″ (June 2009). the screen remains black and the power light fades in and out slowly like in sleep mode. read this article It cleans up even your system caches with just a few clicks.

Your Mac should start up from the OS X installer CD/DVD media. Macbook Pro Won't Boot Past Apple Logo Logic board is fine. Such are the workings of UNIX.What this means for us mortals is that when a Mac stalls at the Apple logo or the logo with a spinning gear, it probably has It helps you clean your entire Mac with just the click of a button.

Mac Won't Boot From Cd

The easiest first step on that front is to run Disk Utility. For laptops that have removable batteries (a dying Apple breed) remove the battery and unplug the computer when troubleshooting.Macs also have another battery, called the PRAM (or NV-RAM) battery, that saves Macbook Pro Won't Boot From Dvd Verbose Mode—Verbose Mode is a text-only environment which displays status messages as the startup process progresses. Install Osx From Cd How to fix a Mac that won't start up: Step 7-Reset the SMC In some situations, you may need to reset your computer's System Management Controller (SMC).

You can not post a blank message. check over here These should also give you other ideas as to how else to fix it — You know your Mac better than we do! 1. Tip: Your Mac will now always boot into the selected startup disk until you change it in System Preferences, or temporarily override it through Startup Manager. Start up your Mac while holding down the T button on the keyboard. Macbook Pro Install Disk

If this doesn't work, and your Mac still doesn't start up, then move on to the next step. If your Mac is already up-to-date, the firmware installer will alert you and no installation will take place. Follow the installation instructions that came with the RAM chips — or the ones in the booklet that came with your Mac. Click on “Finder” in the menu bar at the top of your screen.

Thanks & thanks 😀 Calvin I have a wireless keyboard and the key commands all work for me. 10.6.3 Build 10d2094 I don't have original install disks for 8.5/6 now as lost in various house moves, and to buy it costs about as much as a new old mac ha ha. Removing old, unused applications is a great way to get some extra space on your startup disk.

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I’m running OS X 10.6 with all updates installed. Upon mounting a new drive (WD 500G 5400 rpm), it couldn’t find that drive either. Is it crazy to leave a tenured position for a non-tenured but tenure-tracked job? Mac Boot From Cd You can also try Apple Disk Utility or another third-party utility like TechTool Pro or Drive Genius to try to repair the disk.If the drive is OK after repairs but the

If the date and time reset each time you unplug the Mac you need a new PRAM battery. Any of those is your cue to try Step 4. Move files to an external hard drive or cloud storage. weblink A dead or defective battery can prevent your MacBook or PowerBook from booting, or the battery may keep your system running after a crash, unable to reboot.

Fortunately, there are some relatively straightforward methods for dealing with this issue. Otherwise this old wind tunnel is working perfectly. Rather costly to replace battery 20-30 times a year. more hot questions question feed about us tour help blog chat data legal privacy policy work here advertising info mobile contact us feedback Technology Life / Arts Culture / Recreation Science

Remember to make sure you have at least 128 MB (Mac OS X v10.3 or earlier), 256 MB (Mac OS X v10.4), or 512 MB (Mac OS X v10.5 or 10.6) With it’s Smart Cleanup module, two clicks is all it takes to clean up caches, logs, language packs, binaries, Photo copies, outdated backups, Trashes, and more. However, it moves junk and useless files as well, and eventually you end up paying for iCloud storage to store junk. Open that window again and see how much space you’ve freed up: Click the Apple Icon in the menu at the top-left corner of your screen.

Then type fsck -fy and hit Return. Remove iOS software updates You can find all the unnecessary data for your devices by: Opening Finder. Fortunately this is easy to test for: shut down the computer, remove one RAM DIMM at a time (remove in pairs on the Mac Pro or PowerMac G5), then reboot. Clean your Desktop “Clean my desktop… but why?” Because some people’s desktops are hard to look at, that’s why.

Try a different power cord or adaptor (if you have one). I have reset the PRAM & SMC with no success. Troubleshooting tips Is the disc clean? Make sure the disc is clean and without significant smudges or deep scratches. i push the power key and the disk drive makes a sound like its starting and then nothing.

If Mac OS X (or macOS Sierra) simply doesn't start, then you feel at a complete loss: what can you do to fix the problem? Volumes that aren't bootable and don't contain a copy of a valid operating system aren't listed in Startup Disk or Startup Manager. I tried safe mode and couldn’t get past this:SATA WARNING: Enable auto-activate failed.Stil waiting for root device (in perpetuity)I tried booting from the install DVD and no luck either. Note: Macs that shipped new after Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion)'s release did not ship with an operating system disc.

They all hang at the grey Apple logo.