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NumPad (KeyPad) keys access by a key combination The current state is that you have to switch NumLock on via Fn+ScrLk and then e.g. The solution is to use APM instead of ACPI. This can be done with the halevt program (located at [2]; for Debian systems, use a version >= 0.1.5-1). Hint: Outdated: Another interesting Page on Firefox is It uses different key mappings (F19 resp.

I've added the command to my .bashrc to have it called on startup. Comment 9 Kevin R. The volume keys do not trigger any software response and no osd is shown. It was working when it arrived.The volume up and down buttons are working fine.

Fn F5 Not Working Lenovo Windows 10

To make louder or dim the volume I have to hold the buttons. Well, basically it allows you to give the X server a dictionary for the translation of keycodes like "97" into more human readable synonyms like "Home". Next, I manually installed the latest version of Update Retriever and System Update, turned on the antenna for the first time, and ran System Update to update all Lenovo drivers. The other It looks like no one ever marked this bug as fixed though, so I'm doing so now.

Also.... Wouldn't this make kernel vulnerable to potential incompatibility bugs? No onscreen and mute, etc. Lenovo Hotkey Driver Windows 7 F20) but a ready .xpi is provided which is pretty comfortable.

Cycling through tabs In Gnome and Xfce4, Ctrl-PageUp/Ctrl-PageDown move to the previous/following open tab in all applications that have tabbed user interfaces (terminal emulator, web browser, ...). Charles Profitt (cprofitt) wrote on 2009-04-28: #11 Same issue with 9.04 and a T500 Charles Profitt (cprofitt) wrote on 2009-04-28: #12 hal-find.txt Edit (12.3 KiB, text/plain) lshal | grep system.hardware system.hardware.primary_video.product View 9 Replies View Related Lenovo 11e E/Edge :: On-Screen Volume Display Missing - Windows 7 64 Bit Feb 21, 2011 I recent did Microsoft and Lenovo updates and I have This is an across-the-board problem.

Please re-test and report here if it works or if there are still problems. Lenovo Function Keys Not Working Windows 7 Is there a fix for that besides getting a new keyboard? If you want the ThinkPad's BIOS and ACPI methods to know about these keys being pressed, you probably want to leave them masked out from thinkpad-acpi, and use their non-HKEY events Also, the Lenovo button next to it USED to work and now doesn't for some unknown reason.

Fn F5 Not Working Lenovo Windows 7

Page 2008-01-21 14:49:25 EST From the Lenovo website I select my location (UK), enter the Thinkpad type number, go to downloads then BIOS - bootable CD - and I get: File you could try here However, as I reach about 70%, the volume stops increasing. Fn F5 Not Working Lenovo Windows 10 Comment 3 Bill Nottingham 2007-11-15 16:07:28 EST Is thinkpad_acpi loaded? Lenovo Hotkeys Not Working Windows 10 After the re-load was complete, I installed Windows 7 SP1 from an original Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 DVD.

Note that you can use appropriate commands to inject fake keystrokes. this contact form So if anyone managed to get the mute button working, do share with us on how you got it working. The following table shows the scancodes generated by the ThinkPad keys. save it somewhere and then if the users push the mute button again write the saved value back. Lenovo T420 Hotkey Driver Windows 7

Posting my fix here in case it helps you also. Note: The "XF86AudioPlay" etc. When I want to play Spotify or something like that it says that my Audio card is used  by another program... This also make these keys work for other KDE applications such as Quanta Plus, KPackage and so on (not all KDE applications honor this setting, e.g.

Windows Media, VLC, and Divx have been tried. Hotkey Features Integration The reload process installed Norton Internet Security (2009). The issue is that I don't care for the appearance of the volume meter.

what I have to do?

key standard function1 tools supporting key2 configurability3 remarks Fn - xmodmap, tpb full on release without completed key combination FnF1 - thinkpad-acpi full FnF2 lock screen thinkpad-acpi full in models from Jerone Young (jerone) wrote on 2009-08-28: #27 @bofphile That is odd. Is it possible in integrate the fix into the next Fedora kernel update? Lenovo Power Manager Driver Jerone Young (jerone) wrote on 2009-08-29: #34 Working around I've found the following Thinkpads have this issue & solution: X200 X200s X200t X300 X301 T400 T500 W500 W700 W700ds Though I

You won't be able to vote or comment. 234Did anyone get the X200 mute button working on Window 10? (self.thinkpad)submitted 11 months ago * by speedyg0nzX61s, X201, X220, X220TThis probably applies to the T400 as well. The "mute" button on the machine does not work. I have just done the troubleshooting-checklist on ! 1. Check This Out key event T60 event Power button/power PWRF 00000080 xxxxxxxx button/power PWRF 00000080 00000001 FnF4 button/sleep SLPB 00000080 00000001 button/sleep SLPB 00000080 00000001 Display lid button/lid LID 00000080 xxxxxxxx button/lid LID 00000080

Jyrki Pulliainen (jyrki-pulliainen) wrote on 2009-08-27: #23 dmidecode T500 Edit (13.7 KiB, text/plain) T500 attached Jerone Young (jerone) on 2009-08-28 summary: - Mute button on thinkpad x200/x200s+ Mute button not properly Privacy policy About ArchWiki Disclaimers Home Submit Resource Tracker Forum Advance Search Lenovo SL500 ThinkPad L R/SL :: Volume / Mute Buttons Next To Keyboard Have Not Worked Since Upgrading To Finally, Fn-Pause (labelled as Break) generates keycode 37 (Control_L) followed by the expected keycode 110 (Break) on down and the same thing in reverse order on release. This should work in all distros and with all window managers (you might have to use other key combinations than Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown).

but not for unmute. By default (at least in KDE 3.5), XF86Back and XF86Forward are set as alternatives to Alt-Left and Alt-Right, and are mapped to KDE Back and Forward navigation actions. Uninstalling the latest version and installing 3.81 added support for the X200's mute button in Windows 10. To do this you will first need to extract it from the browser.jar archive.

then press the "mute key" and tell us if you see any output... Also found a 701c in poor condition.Match made in heaven - T460s + Caison 14" Waterproof Classic Comfort Laptop Sleeve + slim 65w charger.20 points · 17 comments I got a X1 C4 My on-screen volume and brightness displays have recently disappeared. Note: if you are running tpb you might need to add the line XEVENTS=off into your tpbrc to stop it from grabbing the key events and allow them to get through